Teaching Your Kids About Money

Do you want your children to be financially responsible and learn how to handle money? Find out tips and advice for teaching children about money.

Teaching Your Kids About Money

Birthday Gift Ideas For The College Kid Who’s Broke

17 August 2016
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If your college kid is like most, they likely find themselves strapped for cash at some point during the school year. In fact, an undergraduate survey done in 2016 sheds light on the fact that about two-thirds of college students run out of money before the end of a semester at least once while in school. So this year, consider gifting your kid with one of the following birthday gifts that will provide them with some financial relief:
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Ebola And Three Other Major Emergencies You Need To Be Prepared For

6 October 2014
 Categories: Finance & Money, Articles

If you think the potential for an Ebola outbreak in your neighborhood is frightening, consider the fact that although it has only seven genes, scientists have discovered over 250 mutations brewing within them. This means Ebola could suddenly become a complete guessing game to the CDC and other officials in charge of protecting you. Stop your initial reflex to panic, and instead, be prepared for this and other major emergencies life may throw at you.
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What Newlyweds Should Know About Finances

8 September 2014
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Congratulations on your recent or upcoming marriage! Getting married is a big step, and most of the time, it means that you and your spouse will now be jointly responsible for the money coming into (and going out of) your household. At this point, you might feel like retirement is a million years away, but in reality, financial planning is something you need to start thinking about now. Here are some financial tips for newlywed couples who want to make the most of their earning and saving potential now.
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Teaching Your Kids About Money

Do you have children? Do you want them to be financially responsible and learn how to handle money? My name is Donna, and I have successfully taught my own children how to save, invest and make good decisions regarding money. I have developed a plan from my own experiences that I hope you can use to teach your own children how money works and how to best use it. I'll show you how to teach kids to find good deals on items they want and how to open a savings account so their money can grow. Teach your kids about money when they are young and you will be giving them an advantage in life.