Teaching Your Kids About Money

3 Behavioral Modification Techniques To Gain Better Financial Habits With A Certified Financial Planner

Although the education system teaches plenty of different concepts and skills, it usually falls short when it comes to financial planning. 34% of Americans don’t have any future financial plans and don’t actually really know how they should plan financially for their future. If those statistics speak to you, it’s time to dig yourself out […]

Why You Should Collect British Coins

If you are a numismatics enthusiast or if you are someone who has just started to learn about rare coins and how they can make a good investment, then you may start your coin collection by purchasing world coins. British coins are some of the most interesting and worthwhile ones that you can collect. Keep reading […]

Birthday Gift Ideas For The College Kid Who’s Broke

If your college kid is like most, they likely find themselves strapped for cash at some point during the school year. In fact, an undergraduate survey done in 2016 sheds light on the fact that about two-thirds of college students run out of money before the end of a semester at least once while in school. So […]

What Newlyweds Should Know About Finances

Congratulations on your recent or upcoming marriage! Getting married is a big step, and most of the time, it means that you and your spouse will now be jointly responsible for the money coming into (and going out of) your household. At this point, you might feel like retirement is a million years away, but […]