Do you want your children to be financially responsible and learn how to handle money? Find out tips and advice for teaching children about money.


Secure a Loan With a Decent Rate

26 February 2021
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Filling out paperwork for a personal loan can be tempting if you want to invest in a new appliance or add some new furnishings to your home. Since personal loan rates can vary, the borrower should carefully review terms and calculate how much money they can afford to pay back. Use some strategies to aid with receiving a decent loan rate.  1. Credit Matters Your borrowing power is reflective of your current credit score and past repayment history.
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Teaching Your Kids About Money

Do you have children? Do you want them to be financially responsible and learn how to handle money? My name is Donna, and I have successfully taught my own children how to save, invest and make good decisions regarding money. I have developed a plan from my own experiences that I hope you can use to teach your own children how money works and how to best use it. I'll show you how to teach kids to find good deals on items they want and how to open a savings account so their money can grow. Teach your kids about money when they are young and you will be giving them an advantage in life.