Why You Should Collect British Coins

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Why You Should Collect British Coins

Why You Should Collect British Coins

14 October 2016
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If you are a numismatics enthusiast or if you are someone who has just started to learn about rare coins and how they can make a good investment, then you may start your coin collection by purchasing world coins. British coins are some of the most interesting and worthwhile ones that you can collect. Keep reading to learn about British coins and why they are ideal to collect. 

British Coins Are Old

If you want to collect American coins, then the oldest coin you can purchase is one that was minted in 1792. These 1792 coins are exceptionally rare and they may fetch you over a million dollars or more at auction, but you are likely not going to find or purchase one of these coins unless you have a great deal of money on hand.

If you love history and enjoy learning about the way coins and other metal objects have been constructed throughout the years, then British coins may be much more interesting to you. Roman coins in Britain date back to the second century, and these coins were ones that were made by Roman settlers in Britain. The money may have been preceded by cast bronze coins. However, early coins were not minted or standardized in any way. This only started happening around 757 with the silver penny. These pennies are still in existence and can be collected today.

More traditional stamping and coin standardization started to take effect in the 1100s. Silver was used at this time to create coins, and gold was soon introduced afterwards. 

If you enjoy looking at the way minting, stamping, and standardization have been used to create coinage, then you will have hundreds of years of history to look at if you invest in British coin collecting. If you want to start your collection with more modern coins, then consider looking at some more unique varieties that are no longer in circulation like the three halfpence, three farthings, or quarter farthing produced in the 1800s.

There Are Many Mint Error Coins

If you have been reading up on numismatics or coin collecting, then you likely know that mint error coins are worth the most. Mint error coins are coins that are not formed properly during the minting process. The errors typically cause unintended differences in the way the coin looks. For example, a mint error may appear if you see a double print or double image on one side of a coin. Mint errors are caused by machinery malfunctions, breakdown of the stamping equipment, and accidents during the minting process. 

Mint error coins are typically seen as unique and rare varieties of coins that are rarely circulated, and many coin collectors seek out these coins. If you are like other numismatics enthusiasts, then you probably see the beauty in the unique and the rare. Thankfully, there are many different mint error coins that can be found when investigating and purchasing British coins.

Mint error coins are more common when it comes to British varieties simply because there are more coins that have been produced throughout the years. This means that there are likely to be more errors due to the larger volume. Also, the minting process has only been refined since the late 1700s when Matthew Boulton updated the minting process to utilize modern technology and advanced steam powered machinery. 

When looking for mint error coins and other rare coinage, make sure to watch out for counterfeit and forgery coins. Coins were easier to counterfeit before the minting process was refined and more precise stamping processes were used. When purchasing British coins, speak to a reputable coin dealer like Harlan J. Berk, LTD and also ask for certification for each coin you buy. 

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