Answering Concerns About Using A Bail Bonding Service

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Answering Concerns About Using A Bail Bonding Service

Answering Concerns About Using A Bail Bonding Service

13 October 2020
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Facing a criminal charge can be a stressful and frightening experience. As part of the process of being arrested and processed, you will likely be given the option of posting bail so that you can leave jail until the date of the trial. However, posting bail can seem like it will be extremely difficult or impossible, but a bail bondsman can help make posting bail much easier.

Will Your Collateral Have To Be Worth The Total Value Of The Bail?

In order to be approved by a bail bondsman, you will need to be able to provide them with collateral. This collateral will secure the bail bond so that the bondsman can be compensated in the event that the defendant was to abscond. Because the defendant's bail bond may only require a small fraction of the bail amount as cash, it will be important to secure the rest of the bail. To this end, you will have to submit collateral to the bail bondsman. Typically, the value of the collateral will need to be worth as much as the total bail amount, but this can vary depending on the local rules regulating bail bonding services.

Why Will The Defendant Not Be Released Immediately?

After the bail bonding service has sent the bond to the court, the defendant may not be released immediately. This is due to the time that the court and the jail need to process that this payment has been received. Depending on the volume of cases that are currently moving through the system, it can take up to several hours in order for the defendant to be released after their bail bond has been posted.

Can The Bail Bond Be Revoked?

As part of the process of being granted bail, you will be required to agree to follow the terms of the release that are set by the court. Unfortunately, if a person were to violate the terms of their release, they will potentially face the prospects of their bail being revoked and them being returned to jail. If this were to occur, the defendant's collateral that they posted for their bail may be forfeit, which can be an extremely costly mistake to make. Sadly, it can be possible for a person to violate these terms fairly easily if they have not taken the time to thoroughly review the terms of their bail agreement with the court as well as from their bondsman. Contact a bail bondsman for more information. 

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