How To Find A Reputable Bail Bond Company

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How To Find A Reputable Bail Bond Company

How To Find A Reputable Bail Bond Company

17 August 2020
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It doesn't take long to find a legitimate bail bond agency once you know what to look for. With fake ads and scams targeting people who need bail bond services on a daily basis, it's important to confirm you're working with a reputable company before you pay.

Verify the Fees

A bail bond company does not set all of its own fees. Instead, state regulations and laws may set what they charge. Usually, the bail bond cost is a percentage of the actual bail. If that is set at 10 percent in your area, for example, a DUI bail bond for a $6,000 bail should cost $600. For very low bail amounts, the fee is normally set as a minimal charge, such as $100.

Contact the bail bond company to confirm their fees and cross-check those with the bail bond laws in your area. Legitimate bail bond agencies will not typically offer discounts, change those set costs or raise their fees. 

Check With Bail Bond Associations

There are bail bond associations at the state and national levels. Most associations offer a search feature on their official websites that you can use to find a bail bond company. Member companies typically have to provide the association with paperwork proving their status as a valid bail bonds business before they can join.

Confirm the Location

Ideally, you want a bail bonds company that is near the jail that your family member, friend or associate is in. The company will be familiar with how the bail bonds process works in that area and can help get your loved one out more quickly as a result.

Look for the bail bond company's location on their website or confirm it using an online search. If they are outside of your state, consider using a different agency.

Read Online Reviews

Reviews online can help guide you to various services, including bail bond companies. Check the social media pages of the bail bond agency to find direct reviews. Business pages, such as the company's listing in search engines, will also contain reviews you can comb through to learn more about other people's actual experiences with the agency.

When you need to get someone out of jail, time is usually of the essence. Look for a legitimate bail bond company to help ensure the person is released as quickly as possible.

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