Bail Bonds: Important Information

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Bail Bonds: Important Information

Bail Bonds: Important Information

13 March 2019
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Even if you're engaged in minor criminal activity that could get you arrested, you might not expect that to happen. When you consider that possibility, you may think that you'll just be bailed out quickly. However, you should have this information about standard bail bonds so that you're not shocked when you need one.

You May Not Be Able to Secure a Bond Right Away

Myths created by law-related television programs and crime movies help people to think that bail is quick and simple. In fact, very few films or shows detail the long process that bail bonding is at times. For starters, the relative or friend working on bail for you must complete an entire application with details about you and your legal situation. Incomplete information won't be accepted. Then, every bail company takes time to evaluate you and assess risks involved in giving you money. You may be seen as a serious flight risk or collateral may not be sufficient. The first company sought could reject you.

For that reason, multiple companies should be consulted on your behalf at the same time. While some could issue a rejection for your bail request, others may work with you.

Your Holding Facility Might Not Let You Go Right Away

Once the application is done and the bail company has approved terms and conditions, they will contact your holding facility. Don't be fooled; this doesn't always mean you'll walk the same day. In fact, holding facilities release people every day and have a system for the way they will process your bail. While you won't have to wait months, the facility could work on the particulars of your release overnight or over the course of an entire workday. If you think you'll be out the instant you get bail, know that waiting is very common.

You Might Not Have Help from Family and Friends

Often, arrested persons must rely on the care of their close friends or relatives to handle bail from the outside. They imagine their loved ones will put up an item of importance for collateral and that they will do the work of visiting bail bonding personnel to get things done. 

However, if you've been involved in lawless activities, your loved ones may be reluctant to involve themselves. They may not want to risk their assets for you because they think you'll escape town, for instance. If you're not absolutely certain that someone will be willing to work through bail for you, you might want to change the way you're behaving.

Understanding how bonds are received and executed should give you pause as you engage in illegal activities. Try talking to bond companies, like Alda Pauline's Bail Bonds, to explore more about what might happen if you are ever caught.

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